Three Illuminating Ideas for Shooting Celebrations

Everyone loves a party. But when it comes to planning and throwing a party, some of us would rather have root canal then be asked to do it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a bit of planning and some help from these fun extras you can throw a party that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Of course, being a photographer, you will want to set up a little mini studio to promote your skills. But what about the rest of the party? Here are some fun ideas you can steal that will help your little celebration take off, whether it is an after party at a film festival or a big bash of a wedding dinner.

Let There be Light

Fun lights at a party will dress it up and add a sparkle. While most of us will agree that the right lighting is important, it is also a great idea to add some sparkle that guests can play and use themselves. If you have ever checked out Sparklers Online, a one stop sparklers shop for every size of sparkler, you would know what I am talking about.

From the giant sparklers that can center a room to boxes of tiny fairy sized sparklers for the kiddies, they have it all. Best of all this is a quite inexpensive way to add a festive note to the simplest celebration. Add in some little fairy lights in the ceiling and candles at the table and you have a subdued and yet elegant look. Best of all, this light will make your photos look magical!

Giggle Booths

While we all know how much kids love to giggle, the truth is so do adults. While they may need a glass or two of champagne to bolster them, I have found that many adults love to costume. So, adding in some fun and funny costume ideas for the photo booth just might be the thing to lighten up the mood.

Don’t forget to throw in some clown noses, cats ears and of course a couple pairs of oversized glasses from the local dollar store. Nothing quite says fun and light like a silly photo at a celebration. Plus, you just might get to use them as blackmail some day!

Think in Colors

I think the idea of white lights have become so pervasive that we all just need to take a step back. If you are going to be part of a celebration, why not add color to the theme? Better yet, add some colored lights to really spice things up! A party with an underwater theme looks even more impressive when blue and green lights add to the atmosphere. If the theme is white, colored lights will give a whole new glow to the room, especially when they are soft pink or some other pastel to offset all that creamy white. Think outside the box and leave those little white lights at home this time. It might be a challenge for the photos but it will definitely liven up the party!